Eryri Junior Cricket League

Eryri Junior Cricket League – Competition Rules - Under 11’s (Yr 6) - Under 13's (Yr 8) - Under 15s (Yr 10)

1 Qualification of Players
A player may represent the club in the Under 11, 13 or 15 competitions if he/she is under 11, 13, 15 years of age on 1st September of the year preceding the season in question.

2. Playing regulations
The laws of cricket shall apply with the following exceptions:
a) The pitch shall be 19, 21, 22 yards in length
b) The ball used shall weigh 4.75 oz for 11 and 13, and full size ball for 15s
c) Each team shall comprise of 8 players at 11, and full 11-a-side at 13 and 15
d) Each innings shall be of 16 overs duration for 11s, and 20 over for 13s and 15s 
d)    1) Under 11s:  The batting side shall be divided into pairs and each pair shall bat for 4 overs. Pairs shall change at the end of the 4thh, 8th and 12th overs
d)    2) Under 11s:  Batsmen shall have unlimited lives but every time they are out 5 runs shall be deducted from the total. No batsman who is out for any reason shall face the next ball
d)    3) Under 11s: Each player on the fielding side MUST BOWL with the exception of the wicket keeper
d)    4) Under 11s: No player shall bowl more than 3 overs
d)    5) Under 11s:Wides and No Balls shall count as 2 runs and no extra balls shall be bowled in the over
d)    6) Under 11s: Each team shall commence its innings with a total of 200 runs
d)    7) Under 11s: The winning team shall be the side scoring the highest number of runs after deductions of runs for the number of wickets lost
d)    8) The use of artificial pitches is permissible

Under 13s and 15s
e) Each innings shall be of 20 overs duration

f)  No batsman shall be permitted to score more runs than - U13, 30 runs - U15, 50 runs. No player shall bowl more than 4 overs
g) The winning team shall be the side scoring the highest number of runs

h) Coaches/Umpires are allowed to advise during the course of a game. Umpires should wear Umpires coats.
i)    9) No fielder except for the wicketkeeper and fielders behind the wicket on the off side shall be allowed to field nearer than 11 yards from the middle stump 

3. Points System
Points will be as follows 1) 4 for a win 2) 3 for a tie 3) 2 for a postponed or abandoned game

Additionally - 2 extra points will be awarded for a fixture that is played on the scheduled date

4. Fixture Schedule
The decision regarding fitness of grounds is the sole responsibility of the home club. It is also their responsibility to let their opponents know at least ONE HOUR before the scheduled start if it has been postponed to avoid unnecessary travelling

All fixtures are to be played on the scheduled date and rearrangements will only be allowed if the home club’s ground is unavailable whereupon the following should be considered: -
a) Transfer the fixture to the opponent’s ground
b) play the fixture on an alternative day in the same week

5. Match Results
Each HOME CLUB MUST FORWARD THE RESULT TO Eryri Website via e-mail with 2 days of the fixture and submit the result onto the Play Cricket website.

 This includes POSTPONED OR ABANDONED MATCHES. Failure to do so may result in a fine or possible points deduction for the offending club at the discretion of the Management Committee of the League.

6. Safety
Safety must remain a principal concern for all coaches/umpires. Coaches/ Umpires should be fully aware of Rules 2 (m) and (n) above.
It is the responsibility of all clubs to ensure that safety and protective equipment is provided and worn at all times. When playing with a hard ball all batsmen and wicketkeepers standing up to the wicket SHOULD WEAR A HELMET AT ALL TIMES..

7. Disputes
All disputes must be referred in writing to the Eryri Junior Cricket Development Committee WITHIN 7 DAYS OF THE INCIDENT OCCURRING
        7a: The playing of over-age players to supplement numbers is permissible, but, renders the game a FRIENDLY FIXTURE, with the side
               playing over age conceeding the game

8. Champions
The league winners will be decided as follows: -
a) highest number of points
b) if equal, most wins
c) if still equal, most wickets taken

Winners of the respective leagues will represent the region in the North Wales play off at Mochdre at the end of the season.


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